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Synthetic turf is ideal for lawns, dog turf, putting greens & playgrounds in Los Angeles, CA.

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Artificial Grass for Homes, Businesses, Pets, Playgrounds, Putting Greens & More In Los Angeles, CA

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we have been proudly serving the city of Los Angeles, California, and its surroundings for many years by providing top-quality artificial grass to residential homeowners and commercial business owners. Whether you live in LA itself, or nearby cities such as Calabasas, Bel Air, or Beverly Hills, we can boost the look and appeal of any space where our artificial turf is installed. And when our artificial grass is installed, you get many other benefits beyond simply looks. Our synthetic grass is ideal for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t want to deal with all the stress and hassle that comes with caring for regular grass. And not only is our synthetic grass far easier to take care of than regular grass, but it also saves you much more money in the long run. 

Synthetic grass made by us at our own factory is also perfectly suitable for LA’s Mediterranean climate, which makes for a constant good reason to go outside for fun and relaxation. When it comes to making and installing artificial grass, we make sure that it not only looks incredible but that it is also highly resistant to wear-and-tear and able to withstand all weather conditions.


Commercial artificial grass made by us at SYNLawn Los Angeles is ideal for business owners. Between being quite easy to take care of to attracting the eyes of passersby, there are a wide array of benefits to be had. Due to it being incredibly low maintenance, business owners can focus on their business without worrying if the look of their lawn is turning customers away. Also, because our artificial turf never needs watering, fertilizing, or mowing, substantial amounts of money can be saved over time.

Artificial Grass For Dogs & Pets

There are numerous benefits related to our artificial grass for dogs and pets. Synthetic pet grass made by us is comfortable for pets to play on, as it is both soft and cools itself down during even the hottest summer days. This means that dogs can happily run and play on the turf without it burning their paws or scratching them. No mud puddles form on our artificial dog grass either, so dogs running through your house with muddy fur will no longer be a worry. Our pet grass is also highly durable and able to withstand even the largest of pets running on it and trying to dig into it.

image of small boy and dog playing on synlawn synthetic turf
image of small dog on synlawn artificial grass for pets
image of dogs enjoying synlawn artificial grass for wrestling
image of Pet friendly artificial grass for your furry friends available at SYNLawn Los-Angeles

Residential Synthetic Grass

Residents use residential synthetic grass made by us all over LA county due to its beauty and low maintenance. Your yard will always look green and radiant, appearing to be a regular grass lawn that is kept in perfect condition. And besides its fantastic appearance, residential artificial grass also gives you more time in your day, given that all chores associated with a regular grass lawn are essentially eliminated.

Artificial Turf For Do It Yourself Types

If you’ve always described yourself as the DIY type, then our easy installation DIY synthetic turf is what you’re looking for. With us, we will give you everything you need to both install and maintain your synthetic turf by yourself. Furthermore, we will provide you with educational resources to teach you things such as maintenance procedures and care practices.

Reasons To Choose Artificial Grass


An incredible benefit of synthetic grass is that you’ll no longer have to worry about buying expensive gardening equipment to mow your lawn or entering into pricey landscaping contracts to maintain it. You also won’t need to fret over things like watering, fertilizing, or seeding your lawn, which is money and time saved. So instead of spending your weekend tending to the lawn and taking care of brown patches, that time can be spent on things you find more fun and enjoyable.


Because our synthetic turf never needs chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers, there’s never a need to be concerned about harsh chemicals escaping into the environment. Also, not needing to ever mow your lawn means no pollution from lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment. Finally, our turf is fully recyclable and often lasts for a decade or more.


No matter what time of the year it is, our artificial turf will be able to keep up its lovely appearance. Our turf is constructed to be resistant to diminishing in color due to UV rays and being robust to reduce wear and tear. The quick draining ability of our turf also ensures that water drains fast, so no mud patches ruin the look of your yard.

Reasons To Work With Us At SYNLawn Los Angeles


We are experts in our industry and have deep knowledge regarding all the intricacies of artificial grass in Los Angeles.


A lifetime warranty comes with all of our products. Due to us producing everything in our own factory and having such substantial control over production, this allows us to offer an excellent warranty for your new artificial grass lawn.


We have extensive experience in our industry, having done north of 200,000 installations of artificial grass for all sorts of projects. Our experience, knowledge, and skill will allow us to handle any project you have in mind.

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Uses For Artificial Turf Include

From retail stores to gyms to golf courses, we can create a synthetic turf application for whatever business commercial landscaping you have in mind. The eye-catching look of the turf helps to ensure a positive first impression in the minds of customers, while the low maintenance of the turf helps to save time and money.
Our commercial tee lines are highly durable, able to withstand the force of even the strongest of golf swings. Even if dozens of people walk on it per day, it is easily resistant to wear-and-tear. This means that you won’t have to spend money on constantly repairing it since it won’t become misshapen, nor will it develop holes.
Synthetic pet and dog grass produced by us is ideal for dogs of all sizes and energy levels. Besides dogs being unable to dig into it, it also is able to cool itself down, which prevents paws from burning. Additionally, our artificial pet grass is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
Fully customized artificial putting greens and golf grass made by us not only look just like the golf greens that the pros use but perform as well as them too. Also, our putting greens are able to drain water fast from any stormy weather, meaning they will be able to be quickly used again.

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We work with you to design the ultimate in artificial grass lawns, putting greens, playground turfs, and more. If you live in and around the Los Angeles, CA region, call us. We will meet with you, survey your site, determine your wishes, and then our design team will get to work designing your perfect outdoor artificial grass oasis. We even offer indoor custom artificial grass solutions to convert an indoor space to a playground turf or even create indoor putting greens. Our team of experts is standing by.

Super Yarn™ technology is a quantum leap in the advancement of synthetic turf products. SYNLawn’s Super Yarn technology changes the landscape of the turf industry by binding three incredible features into one extruded grass yarn formulation. Bound at the molecular level.




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