Los Angeles Commercial Artificial Grass What is SYNLawn Los Angeles'
EnviroLoc+ Backing System?

Artificial grass is enjoying an increase in popularity in Los Angeles, which can be partly attributed to advanced, green technologies like SYNLawn Los Angeles’ EnviroLoc+ Backing System.

This system provides superior safety and durability, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. As a leading artificial grass company, SYNLawn Los Angeles is known for its high-quality and environmentally-friendly products. Our EnviroLoc+ products are among our very best and distinguishable by their green tint, logo, and unique certification number on their packaging.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this groundbreaking technology and see what sets it apart from the competition:

What is EnviroLoc+?

EnviroLoc+ is a patented, soy-based, and environmentally-friendly backing system. When used with artificial turf, this system locks in our durable turf fibers, which extends the product’s life cycle and gives it a much fuller appearance.

The EnviroLoc+ Backing System is made wholly in the USA with sustainability in mind. During production, we replace a portion of petroleum-based polymers with polymers derived from the renewable resource, soybean oil. This makes our products with EnviroLoc+ more eco-conscious and recyclable.

SYNLawn is the only provider of the EnviroLoc+ Backing System, and it is only available in Los Angeles through our team here at SYNLawn Los Angeles.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California Residential backyard dining artificial grass paver design
image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for residential backyards

Cleaner, Healthier, Artificial Grass

One of the many safety features of the EnviroLoc+ Backing System is provided to us through a partnership with Sanitized. Through their assistance, all products sold with EnviroLoc+ are antimicrobial, which helps prevent the accumulation of algae, fungi, allergens, and other microbes. These microbes are often hazardous to the environment, wildlife, and plant life. For example, algae can deplete water of its natural oxygen, resulting in a liquid that can potentially harm wildlife and hamper the healthy growth of fruits and vegetables. The antimicrobial nature of artificial grass made with EnvrioLoc+ helps eliminate the presence of algae, fungi, allergens, and more!

Common Applications

The EnviroLoc+ Backing System is ideal for multiple applications in Los Angeles, including:

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for residential backyards

Residential and Commercial Lawns

EnviroLoc+ artificial grass is a great, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass for residential or commercial outdoor spaces. Its polypropylene fibers make it highly resilient and able to withstand all types of weather. EnviroLoc+ artificial grass is also highly resistant to weeds and pests. This makes our synthetic turf ideal for people who want an elegant, green lawn but don’t want to spend hours upon hours maintaining it. Plus, EnvrioLoc+ synthetic turf can be installed on numerous types of surfaces!

Kids' Playgrounds

Promoting safer environments is a top priority for kids’ playgrounds. One way to make these areas safer is to install artificial turf, especially artificial turf made with the EnvrioLoc+ Backing System. Our EnviroLoc+ synthetic grass has a multi-layered composition, which allows it to absorb shock to a greater degree than natural grass. This helps in protecting kids from serious injuries during playtime, particularly if they slip and fall. Our playground turf also aids in creating a healthier environment when combined with EnviroLoc+ because it helps stop the formation of fungi, algae, allergens, and other microorganisms.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass safe for pets

Pet & Dog Turf

Artificial dog grass and pet turf made with the EnviroLoc+ Backing system can also provide a safer, more comfortable place for pets to play and rest. The multi-layer backing makes our synthetic turf easy to move around or lay on. Additionally, since EnviroLoc+ does not allow microbes to thrive, it affords a healthier environment for your four-legged friends. Other benefits of EnviroLoc+ artificial grass for pet turf include easier clean-up and maintenance.

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The EnviroLoc+ Backing System is a game-changer and available in Los Angeles today! At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we have proudly served residents and commercial businesses in the area for years. So it’s no surprise our quality synthetic turf is present in landscapes from Calabasas to Beverly Hills. Our turf, which now features the EnviroLoc+ Backing System, makes our artificial grass cleaner, stronger, and more environmentally friendly. For more information on EnviroLoc+ or a free consultation, contact us today!