Artificial Grass for Pool Decks
In Los Angeles, CA Grass

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we sell, design, and install artificial grass for pool decks in Los Angeles, CA and other Southern California communities. Our high-quality synthetic turf is a unique addition to nearly any residential or commercial pool. Not only does our artificial turf serve as a durable, long-lasting surface for a pool deck, but it also adds a touch of greenery and faux plant life to a pool area that can make it feel more like a serene oasis. At SYNLawn Los Angeles, our team can design and install a synthetic grass pool deck that fits your space, style, and needs. 

Pools & Pool Decks

Pools are one of the greatest outdoor additions for any property in Los Angeles, California to have. The idyllic warm, sunny weather allows them to be used throughout the year, especially if they are heated during the cooler months. 


However, what is just as important as a pool is a pool deck. This area surrounds most pools and creates a separation of space. This separation is usually necessary because the chemicals in chlorine and even salt water pools can damage and even kill traditional grass lawns and landscaping. But, with artificial grass from SYNLawn, it is now possible to bring these spaces together and have a soft, green pool deck in Los Angeles, CA.   

Artificial Grass for Pool Decks

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, our artificial grass is an incredibly advantageous surfacing material for local pool decks. There are several reasons why our synthetic turf fits this area so well; however, three of the most significant include:

Softer, Greener Pool Decks

In many instances, a pool deck is made from a hard material like concrete, pavers, tile, flagstone, or even slate. While many of these surfaces can look and feel nice, they hardly compare to the ultra-realistic beauty and softness of our artificial turf. The textures and dimensions of our evergreen synthetic grass add an element of nature to your pool environment. Our artificial grass also provides a soft surface to relax and sunbathe on.

Quick-Draining to Avoid Puddles

Another issue with traditional pool decks is their inability to drain water. Most of these hard surfaces actually pool water, creating puddles and making them slippery. Sadly, slippery pool decks can lead to a variety of potential injuries for swimmers. But thankfully, these hazardous situations can be avoided far more with our quick-draining artificial grass pool decks. Our synthetic turf does not pool water, making it less slippery. Plus, in the event of a fall, our artificial turf offers a much softer and therefore safer surface to land on than traditional pool decks.

Resilient Surfacing

Our artificial turf for pool decks in Los Angeles, CA is a remarkably resilient surfacing solution. Unfortunately, many conventional pool deck surfaces will succumb to wear and tear, including fading from consistent exposure to the California sun. Instead, our durable synthetic grass resists fading and other forms of wear and tear. This allows our artificial grass pool decks to look lush and deeply green for years to come!  

Why Choose SYNLawn Los Angeles?

The artificial grass industry is highly populated. However, for artificial grass pool deck design and installation in Los Angeles, CA, our team is one of the best choices you can make! At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we not only supply some of the highest quality, American-made artificial turf in the industry, but we also possess years of experience designing and installing residential and commercial synthetic grass spaces. Our team will work with you to create a space suited to your area, style, and desires, giving you the synthetic turf pool deck of your dreams. 

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SYNLawn Los Angeles is a leading provider and installer of artificial turf in Los Angeles, California, including artificial grass pool decks. Our American-made synthetic turf provides a soft, green surface that resists fading and helps avoid slippery surfaces. With it, your pool deck can have a far more stunning and safer surface than ever before. Contact us today to learn more or receive a free quote for artificial turf installation!

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