Artificial Playground Turf
For Los Angeles Schools

Artificial playground turf from SYNLawn Los Angeles helps provide schools in Los Angeles, California with safer, more durable surfaces for play. Our synthetic playground grass is specially designed to meet the needs of playing children. In doing so, it helps ensure their safety as much as possible. This makes it a beneficial surface for schools where many children run and play together. It can also be a draw for parents who want their children to attend schools with safer environments.

Schools and Play Surfaces

Elementary, middle, and high schools are essential to Los Angeles and other Southern California communities. They educate our children and help ensure that they are learning, socializing, and playing in a safer, more controlled environment. However, not all school surfaces are as safe as they could be. Unfortunately, many traditional playground surfaces, such as conventional grass, sand, and wood chips, can be unsafe, especially if not properly maintained. Luckily, there is a way schools in Los Angeles, CA can help make their playgrounds safer: artificial turf from SYNLawn Los Angeles. 

Artificial Playground Turf From SYNLawn Los Angeles

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we offer and install many types of artificial turf, including our specialized synthetic playground turf. Like all of our artificial grass products, our artificial playground grass is ultra-realistic, so it looks and feels just like traditional grass. This is often one of the most preferred appearances; however, it is not the only one. For example, our SYNPLAY products provide all the benefits of any of our artificial playground grass options, but they are available in multiple stock color options and can be ordered in custom colors. This allows schools to have specially designed playground surfaces that are not just safer but can also feature their sports team colors!  

Benefits of Our Synthetic Playground Grass

Our highly specialized synthetic playground turf options provide schools in Los Angeles, California with several significant benefits, including:

Safer Surfacing

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, our artificial playground grass is equipped with extra padding. This allows our playground turf to have greater shock absorption. This not only supports activities like running, walking, and jumping, but it also helps prevent serious injuries in the event of a fall onto the surface. As a result, our synthetic playground turf can help keep playing children safer.

Cleaner Surfacing, Children, & Schools

Unlike traditional grass, sand, and wood chips, our artificial playground turf provides a cleaner surface for schools. Our playground grass does not cause grass stains and never becomes muddy – not even after a rainstorm. This helps keep children cleaner, which in turn helps keep their schools’ cleaner.  

Lower Maintenance

Many of the traditional playground surfaces require consistent upkeep, especially conventional grass. Fortunately, our synthetic playground grass eliminates most maintenance activities and responsibilities. It never needs to be trimmed with a mower, irrigated, or chemically treated, making it an easier and more affordable surface for schools to utilize. 

More Durable

School playgrounds typically experience exceptional amounts of wear and tear throughout their lifespan. This includes playground surfaces. Thankfully, at SYNLawn Los Angeles, our artificial playground turf is highly durable. As such, it resists multiple forms of wear and tear, including heavy foot traffic and the weather. 

Why Choose SYNLawn Los Angeles for Artificial Turf?

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we not only provide some of the best artificial grass products in the industry, but we also offer Los Angeles homes, businesses, and schools synthetic turf design and installation expertise. Our team can help identify which of our artificial turf products work best for your needs and uses. Then, we will craft a synthetic grass design to help fit your space. Once approved by you, our installers will ensure our artificial grass is properly added onto your property, which helps ensure that it will hold up for years to come. 

Learn More About Artificial Playground Grass for Schools Today!

Artificial playground turf from SYNLawn Los Angeles is one of the best surfacing solutions for schools in Los Angeles, California. Our highly specialized synthetic playground grass offers a safer, cleaner surface for playing children, which not only benefits them but their parents and schools as well. Contact us today to learn more or receive a free quote for artificial playground grass installation!