Artificial Grass for Agility Training in Los Angeles, CA

Artificial turf for agility training from SYNLawn Los Angeles is a remarkable surfacing solution for athletic spaces and facilities in Los Angeles, CA. Unlike other common athletic surfaces, our synthetic agility turf provides athletes with a form of flooring that is optimized not only for their needs but also for their safety. At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we can expertly install our artificial agility grass in your athletic space – whether it is residential, commercial, or nearly any other type of property.

Specialized Synthetic Surfacing for Agility Training and Track

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we offer two varieties of our specialized synthetic athletic turf: SpeedTurf and TrackTurf. These artificial grass surfaces are designed to withstand the demands of even the most vigorous workouts. They also help in preventing common athletic injuries that can result from training or competing on hard surfaces. No matter what the size of your athletic space in Los Angeles, California is, both of these specially designed turf products are beneficial for agility training and speed drills.


Features of Our Artificial Agility Turf:

Our artificial agility turf products come equipped with numerous features that can assist athletes while training or competing in Los Angeles, CA. Some of these many features include:

Optimized for Athletic Performance

As specialty, non-infill synthetic turfs, SpeedTurf and TrackTurf are both designed for workout and agility training exercises. Every aspect of them is engineered to help increase athletic performance and agility. 

Our artificial agility turf products are constructed with a low pile blend of polyethylene and nylon that provides a 5mm foam backing. 

As a result, our agility turfs create a surface that is less abrasive, resulting in less friction. From this distinctive blend, our agility turf products allow sleds and other weight-training objects to slide effortlessly across them.

Indoor soccer field with artificial grass

Helps Prevent Common Surface-Related Injuries

Sadly, surface-related injuries are fairly common with athletic training and competition. This can be attributed to poor or improper shock absorption. Fortunately, our artificial agility turf products provide innovative shock absorbency that is designed to help reduce impacts. 

Our SpeedTurf and TrackTurf accomplish this by being equipped with a reinforced foam base layer. This layer helps them offer better protection against jolts. It also aids in reducing lower back fatigue, muscular exhaustion, shin splints, and other chronic injuries. As a result, athletes can stretch, bend, and lay on our SpeedTurf or TrackTurf with ease and comfort.

Easy-to-Clean Surfacing

One of the most considerable benefits of our SpeedTurf and TrackTurf for athletic spaces and facilities is how easy they are to clean and keep clean. These artificial turf products do not use infill, which makes cleaning simple. 

With the ability to quickly and easily clean athletic surfaces, it can help reduce the risk of staph infections and mold growth. Ultimately, this helps keep athletic spaces healthier and more desirable for athletes.  

SYNLawn Los Angeles CA sports agility childrens baseball field diamond playground

Built to Last & Backed by Warranty

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, our artificial agility turf products are built to last. We have such confidence in them that we back them with a nine-year warranty. With this in mind, you and other athletes can train hard and often without having to worry about having to replace your surfacing every year. Our SpeedTurf and TrackTurf are built as tough as the athletes who train on them! So go ahead; surpass your competition by training smart on our synthetic turf products for agility training! 

Custom Colors Available

With our artificial turf, you can tailor it to your athletic space! Our TrackTurf is available in custom colors. Contact your SYNLawn Los Angeles Representative for more information regarding color customization today! 

Agility Turf Applications in Los Angeles, CA

SpeedTurf and TrackTurf from SYNLawn Los Angeles are ideal for various applications, including:


SKU: SYNSP | Total Weight: 58 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Nylon + PE fused fibers create TRIONIC PLUS a multi-use turf perfect for all indoor or outdoor applications, including golf entertainment fairways and backyard activity areas.


SKU: SYNSP | Total Weight: 58 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

This colorful, low-friction grass uses Legend Fibers to create a soft but highly durable surface ideal for indoor or outdoor activity zones.


SKU: SYNMOD | Total Weight: 65 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

This modular turf system is designed for multi-use facility and sports applications such as Crossfit, indoor soccer, Lacrosse, and more. Combined with closed-cell shock pad technology and a hook-and-loop fastener system, this portable turf system can easily be used over and over.

Get a Quote for Synthetic Agility Turf in L.A. Today!

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we provide athletic spaces and facilities in Los Angeles, California with artificial turf for agility training that can help them enhance their athletic performance while keeping them safer from surface-related injuries. Our innovative SpeedTurf and TrackTurf are both available for installation in Los Angeles, CA for residential, commercial, and other types of properties. Contact us today to learn more and receive a quote for our artificial agility turf!

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