Artificial Sports Turf

For the various athletic spaces and facilities in Los Angeles, CA, SYNLawn Los Angeles offers several types of artificial sports turf products. These many American-made, specialized synthetic turfs can be used for different and, in some cases, multiple sports and forms of athletic training and competition. At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we have an artificial surfacing solution to fulfill nearly every sporting or athletic surfacing need here in Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California communities.

Our Selection of Sports Turf Products & Applications

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, our many artificial sports turf products include surfacing for agility training, sports fields, sports courts, and more. As such, our various synthetic grass and artificial turf products for sports and athletics can provide an optimized surface for numerous athletic applications. Our synthetic sports turf products in Los Angeles, CA and their applications include:

Agility Training & Track Turf

For agility training and track surfaces, we offer our SpeedTurf and TrackTurf. Both of these artificial sports turf products have been fully optimized for the purposes of agility training. In doing so, they offer shock absorption and support to help reduce muscle fatigue and prevent surface-related injuries. These products are ideal for multiple athletic spaces, including tracks, weight rooms, gyms, and more!  

Multi-Purpose Artificial Sports Turf

For large multi-purpose sports fields, our SYNSport artificial sports turf is best. This synthetic sports turf combines the realism of traditional grass along with the kind of high-performance benefits only artificial grass can provide. It is lush, green, durable, low maintenance, and exceptional for multi-sport purposes.

SYNLawn Los Angeles CA sports agility artificial grass with running track and field
Artificial grass baseball field

Sports Field Turf

SYNSport is also ideal for artificial sports field applications. Sports fields often cover larger areas and provide a surface for multiple types of athletic training, sports practices, and sports competitions. Our SYNSport sports field turf can provide a cost-effective and highly durable surface for field sports like football, soccer, and more.

Indianapolis Colts Artificial grass football field

Football Turf

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, including in Los Angeles, California. At SYNLawn Los Angeles, our SYNSport artificial sports turf provides a surface that can withstand the wear and tear of the game while also helping keep players safer. Its shock-absorbing qualities help make it a softer surface to land on, especially when someone is tackled to the ground.

Outdoor artificial grass backyard with basketball court

Backyard Sports Fields

While our many synthetic sports turf products are excellent for athletic and sports facilities, they can also be wonderful additions to residential properties and their backyards. If you prefer to train at home, one of our many artificial sports turf products is likely perfect for your needs – depending on how and where you train. For backyard sports fields, our multi-purpose and ultra-realistic SYNSport artificial sports grass is more than likely the best option.

Outdoor basketball surface installed by SYNLawn

Court Flooring - Sport Floor Tiles

Not all sports require soft, green artificial grass. Some sports require harder, more smooth surfaces, such as courts. Fortunately, at SYNLawn Los Angeles, we provide our SYNCourt artificial sports court surfacing. Our SYNCourt tiles offer a highly durable, low maintenance, and colorful surface for sports courts that can be installed in a variety of athletic spaces. 

Outdoor Tennis court surface installed by SYNLawn

Sports Courts - Basketball, Tennis, Etc.

For court sports like basketball, tennis, and pickleball, our SYNCourt synthetic sports surface is ideal. This surfacing solution offers remarkable durability and color options. It is also optimized to ensure an ideal bouncing surface for tennis balls, basketballs, and other sports balls. 

Indoor athletic weight room with artificial grass

Health Clubs & Gyms

Health clubs and gyms in Los Angeles, CA help athletes and average people to stay fit and healthy. Many of these facilities see dozens to hundreds of people training in them every day! To stand up to this level of foot traffic and other forms of wear and tear, we at SYNLawn Los Angeles offer our artificial sports turf products. Our agility turf products, in particular, are well suited to gym environments, helping to keep athletes safer and withstand surface wear and tear. 

Why Choose Our Artificial Sports Turf Products?

Our many types of artificial sports turf at SYNLawn Los Angeles help create more advantageous sports and athletic surfaces for athletes and facility owners alike. These products do so by helping provide safer, softer surfaces for athletic training and competition while also being highly durable and low maintenance. As a result, our synthetic sports surfaces can help reduce athletic injuries and help athletic facilities save time and money on surfacing maintenance.

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Why Choose SYNLawn Los Angeles?

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we not only supply athletic spaces in Los Angeles, California with artificial sports turf; we also design and install the areas in which our products will go. With our design expertise, our team can help guarantee that your new synthetic sports surfacing will fit the needs of your space and athletes. And with our installation expertise, we can help ensure that it is equipped to your property properly, so it will last for years to come.

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The many artificial sports turf options available from SYNLawn Los Angeles can help athletic spaces and facilities in Los Angeles, California obtain more specialized forms of surfacing. With our products and services, we can help provide the sports surfacing of your dreams! So contact us today to learn more or receive a free synthetic sports turf quote!