Artificial Agility Turf for Health Clubs & Gyms

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we offer and install artificial agility turf for health clubs and gyms all across Los Angeles, CA and the several communities surrounding it. Our synthetic agility turf provides an ideal surface for a variety of athletic activities. This is primarily due to its enhanced durability and extra padding; these factors not only help keep our agility turf in its best condition longer but also help reduce the risk of certain injuries for athletes. With this quality turf product as well as our professional installation, our team can help provide a safer surface for your health club, gym, weight room, aerobics space, and more!     

Health Clubs, Gyms, & the Need for Quality Surfaces

Health clubs and gyms are places in Los Angeles, California where athletes and everyday people can go to train and work out. Many of these facilities can see dozens to hundreds of individuals coming and going throughout the day. This amount of foot traffic – along with many forms of athletic training and workouts – can inevitably cause a lot of wear and tear on a gym or health club’s flooring. Wear and tear can be costly for these facilities, forcing them to replace their surfaces more often than expected. It can also be detrimental to their customers, who may be injured by tripping on loose seams or tears in some types of surfacing.

Fortunately, at SYNLawn Los Angeles, we have the durable surfacing gyms, health clubs, and other athletic facilities need to help keep their customers safer: our synthetic agility turf.

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Features of Our Artificial Agility Grass for Health Clubs & Gyms

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, our agility turf is a specially designed form of artificial turf for various forms of agility training as well as athletic training and competition. Some of the primary features of our artificial agility grass for health clubs and gyms include:

No Seams

Whether you choose to customize our agility turf with a design to reflect your branding or workout space, our synthetic agility turf features no seams. It is all tufted together to avoid having seams, especially at critical stress points. This helps keep our agility turf together and avoid potential trip hazards that might injure your gym or health club’s members. 

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Enhanced Durability 

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we understand the need for resilient surfaces in athletic spaces, which is why our artificial agility turf has enhanced durability. This is largely due to our synthetic agility turf’s nylon root zone, which helps keep turf fibers in place while reducing resistance. In doing so, our agility turf is able to withstand high levels of foot traffic as well as wear and tear, keeping it the ideal surface needed for health clubs and gyms in Los Angeles, CA. 

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Extra Padding 

Promoting safety and safe athletic training is essential for any health club, gym, weight room, or other athletic facility. No one wants a person training or working out to get hurt. By installing our artificial agility turf, your gym or health club can make a greater commitment to providing safer spaces for your customers. This is because our synthetic agility grass has 5mm rubber padding that helps absorb impact energy. As a result, it helps soften impacts with the surface, helping to keep your customers safer.

Track field and football field with artificial grass

No Infill

With many forms of artificial grass and synthetic turf installation, infill is needed. However, with our artificial turf for agility training, infill is not required. This is a benefit to health clubs and gyms because it helps ensure that maintaining and cleaning our agility turf is easy! 

Why Choose SYNLawn Los Angeles for Agility Turf Installation?

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we provide some of the best artificial turf for agility training for gyms and health clubs. Yet, that is not all we have to offer! Our team also has synthetic turf design and installation expertise. So we can help ensure that our artificial agility turf not only fits within your space but is also installed properly, which helps ensure that it will last for years to come.   

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Our Agility PRODUCTS

Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.


SKU: SYNSP | Total Weight: 58 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Nylon + PE fused fibers create TRIONIC PLUS a multi-use turf perfect for all indoor or outdoor applications, including golf entertainment fairways and backyard activity areas.


SKU: SYNSP | Total Weight: 58 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

This colorful, low-friction grass uses Legend Fibers to create a soft but highly durable surface ideal for indoor or outdoor activity zones.

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Artificial agility turf from SYNLawn Los Angeles is an exceptional surfacing solution for health clubs and gyms in Los Angeles, California. Our agility turf’s enhanced durability, padding, and other features help make it a long-lasting and safer surface for various athletic spaces. So contact us today to receive a quote for synthetic agility turf installation in Los Angeles, CA!