Artificial Grass for Pets & Dogs in Los Angeles, California

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we proudly create and install artificial pet grass and dog turf all throughout Los Angeles, California. The sprawling metropolis of LA is known for many things, perhaps with its world famous entertainment industry and Hollywood being the most known. However, another huge draw to living in Los Angeles, CA is the fantastic weather. Here residents enjoy a superb Mediterranean climate where there is plenty of time throughout the year to be outside and enjoy the weather. And not only is this weather perfect for people to get outside and enjoy time with their pets outdoors. And our artificial pet grass and dog turf makes your pet’s time outside even more delightful.

The Many Benefits Of Artificial Pet Grass

No More Muddy Paws

It can be hard to think of a more exasperating situation than your pet charging into your house with four muddy paws and having to clean everything up. A fantastic feature of synthetic pet grass that prevents this situation from ever happening is that it drains rainwater and other fluids fast. Because of this, your dog won’t be able to jump into puddles and get covered in water and dirt.

Odor Reduction​

Synthetic pet turf is antimicrobial and odor resistant. Often, dogs like to urinate in a similar spot, which can quickly lead to odor buildup in regular grass. However, because artificial dog grass drains dog urine quickly, odor buildup is prevented. Additionally, dog waste on artificial pet grass is very easy to clean.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass safe for pets
image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California pet camp dogs playing doggy day care facility

Low Maintenance

Whether it’s for a pet play area or you are installing playground turf or putting greens, our artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance. You’ll never have to concern yourself with watering it, mowing it, clipping it, pulling weeds from it, fertilizing it, or adding any pesticides to it. Once the pet turf is installed for you, it requires minimal upkeep on your end.

Highly Durable

Synthetic pet turf is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear, no matter the size or energy level of the dogs that are on it. No matter how large the dogs are that run on it or how often they try to dig into it, it won’t lose its shape or texture. Furthermore, artificial pet grass is made to be UV resistant, so its color won’t fade over time from the sun’s rays. Synthetic pet turf created by us at SYNLawn Los Angeles is made to last for many years.

Golden retriever and owner playing on synlawn Los Angeles artificial dog turf

Environmentally Friendly

Artificial dog grass made by us is built to be as eco-friendly as possible. Unlike regular grass, which may need to be treated with powerful chemicals and pesticides, artificial pet turf never needs chemical treatment. Because of this, there is no risk of chemicals escaping elsewhere and affecting the environment. Synthetic pet grass also doesn’t ever need watering, which is excellent for local water conservation efforts. Finally, our pet turf is fully recyclable, meaning it won’t be an environmental burden at the end of its life.

Saves Time & Money

A benefit that is highly appreciated by pet owners is that our pet turf saves them time and money. With our artificial pet grass, you won’t need to do chores such as watering it, adding chemicals to it, or seeding it—all of which saves you time and money. You also won’t need expensive gardening equipment to tend it. Further reducing the financial burden that traditional grass landscaping requires. Finally, your water bill will be considerably lower, as synthetic pet grass needs no watering. Over time, this can result in substantial amounts of time and money being saved.

image of Pet friendly artificial grass for your furry friends available at SYNLawn Los-Angeles
Dogs playing on Synlawn Los Angeles artificial dog turf

Discourages Harmful Insects From Living In It

Insects that can harm your dog, such as ticks and fleas, simply don’t prefer living in artificial pet turf. It is not hospitable to insects, so they tend to stay away from it. Not only is this beneficial to your dog, but also to yourself, as there is less of a chance your dog can bring these bugs back into your house.

Comfortable To Be On

Pet grass made by us feels so much like regular grass that your pet will hardly be able to tell the difference! In addition, our pet turf is highly comfortable to be on, as it is non-abrasive and is able to keep itself from getting too hot during the warmest of LA summer days. 


Artificial pet turf created by us is built for safety. A common worry for dog owners is that their dog will dig through the yard to escape. With synthetic pet turf, no matter how much even the strongest of dogs may try to dig into it, they simply won’t be able to. This adds an extra layer of safety and security for your pet by installing our dog turf and pet grass.

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Whether you’re a homeowner with a couple of dogs or a commercial pet care business, we can make a fully customized artificial pet grass solution that works for you. Here at SYNLawn Los Angeles, we produce everything in our own factory. This enables us to have superior control over the quality of our product. And in addition to having an excellent product line of artificial grass solutions, our team is excellent as well. They are all highly trained and experienced professionals that are passionate about what they do.

To get started with your own pet turf solution, you can reach us here for a free consultation. We look forward to answering any questions you have.

Our Pet Products

Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

SYNAugustine 347

SYNAugustine 347
SKU: SA347 | Total Weight: 75 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Our softest, most realistic, most comfortable variety of grass with beautiful multi-colored grass blades incorporating Super Yarn Technology. This grass takes the lead in comfort, strength, and realistic natural turf aesthetics.

SYNTipede 321

SYNTipede 321
SKU: ST321 | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Just like its natural counterpart, SYNTipede is known for being tough. The tallest in the collection including Super Yarn technology creating a durable surface perfect for active children and pets and peace of mind for all types of landscaping projects.

PET Premium

PET Premium
SKU: ST343_PETS | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

With DOUBLE the drainage, this easy-to-clean grass keeps pets safe and happy. Ideal for pet play and agility, including animals of all sizes, this is the perfect pet grass for both residential and commercial applications.

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