Artificial Grass for Apartment Buildings in
Los Angeles

Apartment buildings in Los Angeles and throughout the Southern California are switching to SYNLawn artificial grass as a means to entice reliable renters. Our artificial grass and synthetic turf for pets, playgrounds, and putting greens will turn your apartment complex into a haven for residents and their families.

Features of Artificial Grass for Apartment Buildings

  • Durable – withstands heavy foot traffic from residents, kids, and pets.
  • Versatile – can be used for putting greens, dog runs, and playgrounds.
  • Low-maintenance – say goodbye to expensive landscaper contracts and constant upkeep.
  • Visually stunning – perfectly flawless regardless of heat, weather, or season.
  • Eco-friendly – conserve the environment by saving water and eliminating lawn equipment.

Thanks to a slew of attractive benefits, SYNLawn Los Angeles artificial grass is a superior landscaping choice for apartment complexes and rental properties.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for residential celebrity backyards

Artificial Grass Applications

Commercial Landscaping

Los Angeles is sprawling with apartment complexes,  to attract tenants away from your competitors it is important to integrate features that will allow your community to stand apart from the rest. Installing artificial grass landscaping is an outstanding solution, especially since residents in California tend to seek out greenery in big cities. Families with kids and pets generally prefer comfortable, attractive apartment buildings, as they tout safety and family-friendliness. Artificial grass landscaping adds an element of beauty that renters will appreciate.

SYNLawn Los Angeles also offers unique commercial synthetic turf applications such as: 

  • Artificial turf for roofs, decks, and patios
  • Surfacing for gyms and fitness centers
  • Sports court surfacing

If you’re an apartment building owner in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can further outfit your complex with our outstanding commercial turf options.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California Backyard Treehouse Residential Trampoline

Playground Turf

Children’s safety is paramount, and keeping kids safe in places like Los Angeles is a priority. SYNLawn offers a one-of-a-kind playground turf system so children in your community can have fun playing on a soft, comfortable surface. By providing a safe play area for kids to run, jump, and play in your community, you’re more likely to attract families. Additional benefits of our playground surfacing include:

  • No more grass stains, sandy shoes, or scrapes from wood chips.
  • Eliminates the need for chemicals that can be harmful to children.
  • Durable and non-abrasive for long-term, safe use.
image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California pet camp dogs playing doggy day care facility

Dog Grass

Pet parents are committed to ensuring their furry friends have a safe place to play fetch and run off-leash to release energy. Los Angeles apartment buildings with dog parks are more likely to attract residents to put down roots. 

Our artificial dog grass is made with heat-blocking technology, so pups can still have a place to play and relieve themselves even during hot California summers. Plus, it touts excellent drainage qualities to keep odors at bay and paws clean.

Putting Greens

Although California has some of the most magnificent golf courses, integrating a community putting green or mini-golf course into your apartment complex can be a massive selling point for future tenants. SYNLawn has several artificial turf putting green options so that you can dream up any design, and our experts will bring it to life. Offering a mini-golf course or residential putting green to your residents means they can relax, entertain friends and family, or practice their skill from the safety of the apartment building.
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How Los Angeles Apartments Can Benefit from SYNLawn Artificial Grass

Apartment complexes are saying goodbye to high-maintenance sod and hello to gorgeous, pristine artificial grass thanks to its countless benefits:  
  • Eliminate expensive contracts with landscapers.
  • Regain a quiet community by reducing the need for weekly, loud lawn maintenance.
  • Attract families and trusted renters who are looking for a cozy place to live.
  • No more worrying about re-seeding grass for the seasons or using pesticides and chemicals to keep your building’s landscape looking acceptable.
  • Conserve water to adhere to Los Angeles water restrictions.
image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for residential backyards

Get a Free Consultation!​

At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the ability to design the artificial grass project to perfectly suit your apartment building. Our professionals are looking forward to helping you transform your apartment building in Los Angeles, so call us today to take advantage of a free consultation!


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

SYNAugustine 347

SYNAugustine 347
SKU: SA347 | Total Weight: 75 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Our softest, most realistic, most comfortable variety of grass with beautiful multi-colored grass blades incorporating Super Yarn Technology. This grass takes the lead in comfort, strength, and realistic natural turf aesthetics.

SYNAugustine 547

SYNAugustine 547
SKU: SA547 | Total Weight: 50 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

The USDA CERTIFIED BIO-PREFERRED designation makes this grass one-of-a-kind without compromising quality or aesthetics. Exclusive Super Yarn Technology with EnviroLoc+ creates a soft, environmentally friendly grass variety as stunning as it is sustainable.

SYNFescue 343

SYNFescue 343
SKU: SF343 | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Offering superior dimensional strength and stability while remaining easy on the eyes and wallet. Incorporating Super Yarn technology, this landscape grass offers extreme flexibility and durability, creating the perfect solution for multiple applications.

SYNRye 200

SYNRye 200
SKU: SR200 | Total Weight: 60 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Unmatched safety and performance make this the perfect turf for high-traffic foot areas, including office buildings and schools. ASTM CERTIFIED E108 CLASS A FIRE-RATING with HeatBlock and UV protection reflecting light, which can damage surfaces.