Get the Most out of Your Golf Artificial Putting Greens in Los Angeles

Beautifully Designed

A beautifully designed artificial putting green from SYNLawn Los Angeles is the perfect addition to any home, business, or entertainment center. Paired with spectacular weather, putting greens offer year-round practice for golfers or weekend fun with friends and family.

Golf is a popular year-round sport, especially in extraordinary places like sunny California. Unfortunately, California is currently drought-stricken, but this doesn’t stop beachside resorts, residential communities, and world-class amusement parks from having flawless lawns. So how do they do this despite water restrictions and lack of rain? SYNLawn artificial grass and putting greens.


Low Maintenance

Artificial putting greens combine low maintenance with pleasing aesthetics to create a delightful finishing touch to any residential area or commercial property. SYNLawn Los Angeles has played an integral role in transforming the city’s landscape with synthetic turf and artificial putting greens.

When it comes to maximizing the enjoyment one gets from golfing, the artificial putting green turf from SYNLawn is highly sought after. SYNLawn Los Angeles is a leading residential and commercial artificial grass providers for playgrounds, putting greens, pet turf, sports turf and more. In addition, We offer a wide variety of synthetic surfacing options for nearly every commercial application.

Benefits of our Artificial Golf Turf

Let’s go over the many benefits of using our synthetic golf greens, as well as application ideas. Whether used for residential putting greens or commercial golf turf, our grass makes golf more enjoyable for all.

Feels & Performs like Professional Turf

Our synthetic putting green turf not only looks just like turf used on PGA tours but also performs similarly. This is useful for getting consistent practice when reducing ball wobble and improving your putting game, resulting in better golf skills.

Phoenix Los-Angeles custom putting green
Phoenix Los-Angeles golf elements of practice

Easy to Maintain

Our synthetic golf greens do not need to be watered, mowed, or treated with chemicals such as herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. In other words, much of the hassle that goes along with maintaining regular golf turf is eliminated. Once our artificial golf turf is installed, it requires little upkeep.


This turf is not limited to residential use only but is also available to SYNLawn’s Commercial customers. This includes our incredibly durable Tee Strike that works with genuine Golf Tees.
SYNLawn Portable Putting Greens

Saves Time & Money

Our synthetic putting green turf is built to last, saving the owner time and money. Repetitive chores such as watering, mowing, seeding, and chemical application are no longer a concern. With our synthetic putting greens and artificial golf grass, you get more time in your day and more money in your pocket.


Synthetic golf grass made by us is quite environmentally friendly. Not only does it never pose a risk of chemical runoff (as it doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers), but it is also fully recyclable. Since it doesn’t require watering, it is amazing for water conservation efforts.

DIY Putting Green

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Common Applications for our Synthetic Golf Grass

Residential Backyard Putting Greens

Owning putting greens in your backyard is more convenient than making a trip in your car to a nearby golf course to get some play in. With an artificial putting green in your backyard, all you have to do is walk out your back door to get practice in. Having an artificial golf green in your yard allows your golf game to improve quickly, and you’ll have quick access to exercise and enjoyment.

Commercial Putting Green Turf

Commercial putting green turf is excellent for its beauty and ruggedness. Even with frequent and heavy foot traffic, our commercial golf greens resist succumbing to wear-and-tear. With our artificial commercial golf grass, you never need to enter into expensive landscaping contracts since our turf doesn’t need gardening. Also, our golf turf drains water quickly so that you can use it again shortly after stormy weather.

Indoor Putting Greens

Whether you’re entertaining guests in your house or visitors at your store or office, artificial putting greens installed indoors are excellent for both purposes. With an indoor putting green situated in your home, you get exercise and practice during commercials and whenever you feel like it. You’ll also have an easy way of entertaining friends, family, and guests that visit.

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Our Golf Products

Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

Classic Pitch

Classic Pitch
SKU: CPITC | Total Weight: 53 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

An excellent product for the golfer seeking consistent ball roll for putting and durability for chip shots. Its remarkable stability also makes it an excellent choice for use in Bocce Courts and playground TrampleZones.

Precision Putt

Precision Putt
SKU: SG326 | Total Weight: 47 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Remarkable performance with the most realistic ball roll makes this a true putting surface to improve your game. Built with nylon fibers and an embossed backing, this turf accepts shots like a champ and delivers a 10-12 on the Stimpmeter.

SYNRange Pro

SYNRange Pro
SKU: SRP33 | Total Weight: 41 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Ideal turf product for large indoor or outdoor applications such as golf facilities and driving ranges. Highly durable with a low face weight and a natural aesthetic are among the many benefits when choosing this golf grass variety.

TEE Strike

TEE Strike
SKU: SS301 | Total Weight: 120 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

This artificial tee-line grass is so dense it easily supports a standard golf tee for a natural, true-to-life feel allowing golfers to swing on a surface that wont grab the club-head. The durable nylon construction offers unmatched performance over PE with a quick ROI for golf facilities.

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At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we produce all of our synthetic golf turf in our factory. This gives us superior control over the entire process, including the final quality of the product. Regardless of the application, we can make customized artificial golf turf and synthetic putting greens to meet your needs. 

To learn more and get a free consultation, contact us here, and one of our staff will work with you directly. Our team of experts has installed thousands of projects of all types, and we are ready to get started on yours.

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