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TONE ON TONE SYNTHETIC TURF PATTERNS AND DESIGNS from SYNLawn Los Angeles are the next level of landscape design for homes and businesses in Los Angeles, California. This customization of our top-quality synthetic turf allows you to make a unique, stand-out, and modern design statement. 

We can custom fabricate any design with 100% precision using any of our available turf styles. The possibilities of design, expression, and branding are practically endless! Imagine the first impression your business or home will make with a custom synthetic turf pattern, design, or logo. They are completely unique and show-stopping! Plus, our artificial grass is durable and requires zero maintenance. At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we can help you design and install artificial turf for a lawn space, playground, sports field, or even a giant wall mural – indoors or outdoors.


Our artificial grass designs and patterns are ideal for: 

Commercial Building Design • Restaurants • Hotels & Resorts • Shopping Malls • Salons • Personal Residences • High-traffic Common Areas • LEED projects • Hospitals • Airports • Government Buildings • Parking Garages • Colleges, Schools & Day Care Facilities Wayfinding & Building Signage • Event Areas • Game Areas, Chess & Checkers


At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we work with landscape architects, designers, homeowners, and business owners to create a detailed mock-up of the space. We offer in-house graphic designers who can help you develop or refine a look for your green space, showing your logo, corporate branding and/or graphics, etc. in a rendering that will simulate the final installation. Tweaks and adjustments can be made to the design at this stage before going into production.


TONE ON TONE BEAUTY — Tone on tone is using different shades of the same color. In the synthetic turf world, this would mean different shades of green by combining 2 or more different synthetic turf colors, styles, or blade heights. We can also create patterns using other colors: Blue | White | Yellow | Gold
  • (ask about Custom Colors)
  • EXCELLENT RESILIENCY AND DURABILITY — Dense thatch combined with polyethylene grass blades for excellent resiliency and support.
  • LASTING COLOR — UV stabilized yarns to resist fading from the sun. Bright color-fast yarns that stay bright
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY BIO-BASED SYNTHETIC GRASS — SYNLawn artificial grass is made with a soy-based backing called EnviroLoc™ which uses soy-based polyol technology developed with support from the soybean checkoff. Based on UL third-party verification, soybean oil displaces 60 percent of the petroleum-based polyurethane in common artificial grass products.
  • SAFETY BUILT IN — ASTM E108 Class A Fire Rating, ASTM F1292, ASTM F1551, ASTM F1951
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE — Fully customizable down to the smallest of details and intricacies of your pattern or design.
  • PROGRAMMABLE WATERJET — CNC computer programmable water jets are able to replicate any design into a precise synthetic turf master piece.
  • MADE IN U.S.A. — Extremely high quality products and design that we manufacture right here in America. We are right here when you need us with full support.
  • TEMPORARY INSTALL OPTIONS — Hook and loop velcro can be added allowing for temporary installations. Great for events or parties!


IDEAL FOR: Gyms / Sports Fields / Agility Training / Cross-Fit / Workout Areas / Multi-Purpose Sports Fields


SpeedTurf™ by SYNLawn is ideal for strength and agility training, sled pulls, indoor shot-put/hammer training, cross-training, gym floors, weight-lifting areas, batting cages, soccer fields, and tennis courts. White lines are tufted into the turf, eliminating seams at critical stress points, which enables the turf to withstand rigorous foot traffic and wear. No infill for easy maintenance and cleanup. Five-millimeter padding absorbs impact energy.

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At SYNLawn Los Angeles, our experienced team can help craft and install intricate artificial grass designs and patterns for residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles, CA and many of the surrounding communities. Our top-quality artificial turf provides a durable, low maintenance surface that can become even more outstanding with a design, pattern, image, or branding added to it. Contact us today to learn more or get a free quote!


SKU: SPEED | Total Weight: 60 oz | 15 years

Designed with athletes in mind, SpeedTurf by SYNLawn is a non-infill, low-friction turf with a foam backing pad that absorbs energy reducing the impact on the body.


SKU: TRACK | Total Weight: 60 oz | 15 years

Designed for durability and safety, TrackTurf by SYNLawn is a non-infill turf with an energy-absorbing backing pad that reduces the risk of injury to athletes during training.

SYNPlay 60 Series

SYNPlay 60 Series
SKU: SPG60 | Total Weight: 116 oz. | 9 years

This artificial grass is ideal for playgrounds, activity, and agility zones due to its low-friction grass blades combined with an energy-absorbing backing pad, which helps reduce the risk of typical playtime, exercise, and training injuries. Available in 7 in-stock colors and custom colors.

SYNAugustine X47

SYNAugustine X47
SKU: SAX47 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Weighing in at 100-oz, this grass variety rises above the competition with its unmatched softness and durability. Multi-color Super Yarn grass blade technology and a dense thatch combine to offer a leading contender in its weight class.

SYNTipede X43

SYNTipede X43
SKU: STX43 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Created to meet the demands of architects and specifiers in search of high-performance artificial grass. STX43 uses unique omega grass blades in bulk, increasing the resistance to matting in high foot-traffic environments. Balancing the extreme durability with the soft feel of Super Yarn technology makes this turf variety among the top contenders for value and staying power.

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