Why Artificial Grass Is So Popular In Los Angeles & SoCal

Artificial grass is so popular in Los Angeles and SoCal for many reasons. For starters, it’s the epicenter of the movie, TV, and entertainment world (Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and The Walt Disney Company). As such, it’s a place where aesthetics matter. And since the area also gets little rainfall, maintaining green grass can be incredibly expensive. That is why SYNLawn Los Angeles has been a part of designing, selling and installing artificial grass in Los Angeles for decades.

Whether you’re in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Malibu, or wherever else, our artificial grass is ideal for numerous applications, including commercial, playground, pet turf, or putting greens. Our SoCal artificial turf customers have come to trust SYNLawn Los Angeles due to our incredible service and commitment to excellence.

In this article, we’ll discuss the beauty of artificial grass and its many other benefits. Continue reading through these benefits, and you’ll see just why artificial turf is so popular in SoCal and Los Angeles.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California Backyard Artificial Grass golf putting green SYNLawn Los Angeles California Backyard Artificial Grass golf putting green.

Artificial Turf Has Eye-Catching Beauty

Whether you’re looking to install playground turf or pet turf in the SoCal region, artificial turf is an easy way to beautify your space. If you picture the most immaculate-looking lawns that you’ve seen in movies produced by the local film studios of SoCal, that is precisely the look that artificial turf can give you. Our artificial grass lawns made by us here at SYNLawn Los Angeles provide you with a beautiful aesthetic that looks incredible in person, on-camera, or in still photography, lush green, and always ready for the day.

Not only will you be able to appreciate its beauty every day, but so will everyone who visits your house. Additionally, if you’re a commercial business owner, you’ll be able to better draw the attention of customers and project an enhanced image of sophisticated luxury.

Synthetic Grass Is Very Low Upkeep

An aspect of synthetic grass that makes it popular throughout the Los Angeles and SoCal area is how low maintenance it is. In terms of upkeep, it demands minimal effort on your part when compared to regular grass. Take, for instance, putting greens for golf. Common sod grass, when used for golf turf, requires a lot of maintenance in the form of watering, fertilizing, weeding, adding chemicals, mowing, and more.

Free up your time with artificial grass lawns, golf grass, and synthetic putting greens, as they will not require any of those labor-intensive choirs. Of course, none of this applies to synthetic grass. Essentially, artificial grass comes looking beautiful and stays that way without you needing to invest hours of your time tending to it.

Artificial Grass Lawns Are Highly Durable

We build our artificial grass to be strong and robust while being able to last many years once it is installed. No matter what type of daily stresses it is subjected to, it can handle it. Regular foot traffic won’t cause artificial turf to change shape or have the grass look bent and broken. Pets such as dogs running back and forth on the artificial turf also won’t impact it, and your pets won’t be able to dig into it.

Finally, artificial grass is fade-resistant, so it won’t go through any color changes, even when subjected to constant UV light exposure from the sun’s rays.


Synthetic Turf Is Eco-Friendly

Another benefit that people are highly appreciative of regarding artificial grass is how environmentally friendly it is. The synthetic grass we make for our clients at SYNLawn Los Angeles is fully recyclable so that at the end of its lifespan, it doesn’t get thrown into a landfill but recycled instead.

Also, because it never needs chemicals added to it, such as pesticides or fertilizers, there is no risk of chemicals harming the environment. Furthermore, due to artificial turf not needing to be mowed by expensive gardening equipment, there is much less pollution associated with synthetic turf. Finally, synthetic grass never needs watering, which is fantastic for water conservation efforts.

Synthetic Grass Saves You Money

Virtually all of the costs that go along with synthetic turf are upfront—meaning that over time when you compare it to regular sod, you can actually save money. With synthetic grass, there’s simply no need to enter into any expensive landscaping contracts or having to buy costly gardening equipment. Also, your water bill will be lower, as you won’t have to concern yourself with watering your beautiful artificial grass lawn.

Finally, when you factor in not having to seed it, fertilize it, deweed it, or add pesticides to it, it’s easy to see how synthetic grass can put more money back into your bank account. This all while saving you precious time every day by not having to dedicate yourself to lawn care.

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