How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass for Your Project in LA

The type and source of artificial grass you select can determine the outcome of your new artificial turf project in Los Angeles. At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we have become the recognized leader in high quality artificial grass in the Los Angeles, California area. We provide a wide variety of artificial grasses, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages, which can impact your end result. For instance, pool decks and patios require a different type of synthetic turf than backyard lawns.

Beyond the type of project, you’ll also have to consider durability. How long do you need the grass to last? How will it be used? Is color important? Do you want it to match a particular scheme? These and other questions will be addressed in this blog post.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California Backyard Treehouse Residential Trampoline
SYNLawn Los Angeles California Backyard Treehouse Residential Trampoline

Experience The Grass!

Like any significant investment, it always makes sense to give your artificial grass a test before purchasing it. Most artificial turf and grass suppliers will provide samples. Others have showrooms where you can see the turf in action. At SYNLawn Los Angeles, we can send samples or you can stop by our showroom, contact us for more details. Experiencing the turf before you commit is highly recommended.

We also recommend bringing a picture of your yard or whatever you want the grass to match so you can compare shades and colors. You should ensure it looks and feels realistic and isn’t too plastic. When walking on it, check to see if your shoes stick to it or not.

You can also check the turf blade density to see if it’s uniform or not. Then, take home a sample of the grass for the whole family to try or to get a second opinion.

Determine Your Budget For Artificial Grass

Artificial grass in the Los Angeles area is available at a range of price points. Some materials can cost around the same as an organic lawn, and some grasses can cost much more. Before starting your project, you should determine your available budget for grass so you know what types you can afford.

The best way to figure out your budget is to get exact measurements. Measure the space you plan to put on the grass and then calculate how many square yards you’ll need. Then divide that number by the maximum amount you’re willing to spend to see how much you can pay per yard.


The shape and dimensions of the space where you want to install the turf are important. For instance, if you have a circular area, a high-density design is better because it will distract from empty space around the edges.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for residential celebrity backyards
SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for residential celebrity backyards


The intentions you have for your grass will affect which type you buy. For example, if you want the synthetic turf to add a little flair to your pool deck, it will impact your budget, the shape of the grass, and the style/color. Buying artificial grass for an entire lawn will change these parameters as well.

You’ll also have to think about who will be using the grass. If it’s going to be frequented by pets and children, you should mention that to your grass supplier and ask for artificial grass designed for pets and kid safe playground turf. They can recommend a stronger design that will hold up against digging and children’s games.


The amount of precipitation in your area is another crucial factor in artificial grass selection. Some designs will have better drainage than others. If you live somewhere that gets plentiful rain, it’s imperative to select a style with excellent drainage. Thankfully in Los Angeles we don’t have much rain, but it’s a piece of mind to know a heavy rainfall will drain away very quickly with SYNLawn turf.

Artificial Turf Installation in Los Angeles

You’ll also want to think about who is going to install your grass. You can save a substantial amount of money by installing it yourself, however unless you have prior experience we recommend leaving it to the artificial turf installation experts if you want a high end professional result.

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for residential backyards
SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for residential backyards


Artificial grass has so many options these days it might leave you in a tizzy to think about them all. Our biggest tip is to find a professional artificial turf company that has been in business for some time and has a great reputation, have them walk you through all the options and processes for installation.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, SYNLawn Los Angeles can be your artificial turf expert. Start with a free consultation with one of our friendly experts today!

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