In Los Angeles How Much Maintenance Does Artificial Grass Need?

Installing artificial grass at your Los Angeles home or business is one thing, but maintaining it is another. While an artificial grass lawn is not 100% maintenance-free, it doesn’t require nowhere near as much maintenance as a traditional lawn. One of the biggest benefits of an artificial lawn in Los Angeles is the low maintenance. Even with minimal care, SYNLawn’s artificial grass can last up to 20 years in good condition.

So, just how much maintenance does artificial grass require specifically in the Los Angeles, CA and SoCal region?

image of SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for roof top rooftop patio dining
SYNLawn Los Angeles California artificial grass for roof top rooftop patio dining

How To Maintain Artificial Grass

As we noted above, artificial grass doesn’t need much maintenance at all. However, it does require some upkeep from time to time.

Regular Removal of Leaves and Debris

Maintaining artificial grass in the autumn may require a little more effort. That’s especially true if trees shade your lawn, allowing leaves and twigs to fall over it.

To prevent moss or weeds from growing, we advise that you remove these leaves and debris regularly.

Bear in mind that too many leaves can impair the lawn’s drainage. Nevertheless, they can easily be removed with the help of a grass rake. Just ensure whatever you do, avoid using a metal rake because it may damage the synthetic fibers. A leaf blower can also effectively complete the job in no time at all.

Brush Once in a While

We recommend you brush your lawn occasionally. Doing so has several benefits, including helping prevent the compaction of blades. Additionally, it ensures the pile maintains its upright and plushy position.

Areas with high traffic may get slightly flattened (for instance, if you have a playground turf that hosts a lot of kids), but some brushing gets the blades back to their position right away. In contrast, our putting green turf has a low profile and rarely needs brushing.

So what do you use to brush synthetic grass? Our advice is to use a soft bristle broom or brush for the best results. Cross-brushing is the method we recommend to most people. It involves brushing the grass in a direction opposite to that of synthetic fibers.

During summer, when you spend most of the time outside and even bring heavy items such as outdoor furniture out on your artificial lawn, the fibers tend to lie flat due to the heavy traffic. Just ensure you brush where needed to keep the blades always upright.

SYNLawn Los-Angeles artificial grass for Commercial applications
SYNLawn Los Angeles artificial grass for Commercial applications

Keep the Grass Clean

A clean lawn is a healthy one. Therefore, you should ensure your grass is always clean.

Fortunately, to some extent, synthetic grass is self-cleaning. Because the rainfall we experience in the US is sufficient to clean your artificial grass, you may not have to do it regularly. So, of course, natural rainwater is the most cost-effective method of cleaning your artificial lawn.

Nevertheless, summer does roll by. During this period, we’ll rarely experience rain in the Los Angeles and SoCal area, while at the same time, we use the lawn more frequently with our family and friends. You’ll need to thoroughly hose down your artificial grass occasionally to keep it healthy and clean.

Additionally, you’ll need to spray down your luxurious artificial grass to eliminate pollen, dirt, and dust, among other pollutants.

Remove Pet Waste Immediately

If you have four-legged friends, then you may need a little extra maintenance. If your dog or other pet does their business on the grass, pick it up immediately. In addition, wash down the area with hot water to remove any residue. For severe stains, a household detergent will help.

Even though SYNLawn Los Angeles artificial pet turf comes with excellent drainage qualities, we recommend you spray the area where your pet frequently takes bathroom breaks at least once a week to keep your lawn odor-free.


Things To Avoid

Here’s what you need to avoid if your artificial lawn is going to last long and retain its tip-top condition.

  • Avoid bringing any naked flame near the artificial grass.
  • Never use metal brushes or brooms on the grass.
  • Avoid placing heavy metal items directly on the grass.
  • Keep paint, adhesives, and chewing gum away from artificial grass. They may be difficult or, in some circumstances, impossible to remove.

Never use a vacuum cleaner on artificial grass lawns. If you do, you risk damaging both the grass and the vacuum cleaner.

Final Word

Anything exposed to elements requires some maintenance. Luckily, as we’ve seen in this article, very little maintenance is needed for artificial grass.

If you follow our tips on the minimal maintenance of synthetic grass, you can be sure your investment in artificial grass lawn will be worth it. Ready to make the switch? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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